USA Karate Lincoln Staff

Shihan John Pinault

Rank: 6th degree black belt

Shihan Jonathan W. Pinault is the chief director / owner at USA Karate of Lincoln, RI and has trained in the Martial Arts for over 16 years. He currently holds multiple black belts in different systems including a fifth degree (Godan) in Sullivan’s American Kenpo, a sixth degree in Nick Cerio’s Kenpo, and a second degree in American Shaolin Kempo /Jiu-Jitsu Karate. Shihan Jon continues to train under USA Karate’s founder Hanshi Larry Sullivan. In addition to this he has a level four owner’s certification from the USA Karate systems. Shihan Jon has worked diligently developing a strong competition team within his school that competes both in outside tournaments as well as the intramurals offered within the system. Shihan Jon continues to be an influential role model in the assisted development of the creation and improvement of effective new schools that represent the family values portrayed by the USA Karate institution. Outside of the Martial Arts Shihan Jon has held high ranking management positions in large industry corporations such as American Power Conversion where he was responsible for improving industry quality and production standards for the corporations third shift operations. Shihan Jon has completed an array of Management and Marketing courses at the University of Rhode Island and continues to apply his experience within the Martial Arts for the benefit of everyone within the organization.

Sensei Fred Gordan

Rank: 3rd degree black belt

Sensei Kevin Notch

Rank: 3rd degree black belt

Sensei Nicholas Coulombe

Rank: 2nd degree black belt

Sensei James Mooney

Rank: 2nd degree black belt

Sensei Greg Chopoorian

Rank: 3rd degree black belt

Sensei Nathan Dumas

Rank: 1st degree black belt

Hanshi Larry Sullivan

Rank: 10th degree black belt (Grandmaster /Soke)

Grand Master Hanshi Larry Sullivan is a lifelong practitioner of the martial arts with over 30 years of combined training and teaching techniques. Hanshi Larry is a very sought after instructor and is regarded by many to be the main authority of Kenpo/ Jui-Jitsu Karate in New England. Hanshi Larry is the founder of USA KARATE, Sullivan’s American Kenpo, and the New England Karate Commission. Hanshi Sullivan is the driving force behind the USA KARATE organization and has and continues to produce many qualified black belts, and many certified school owners.

Shihan Angelo Oliveira

Rank: 7th degree black belt (Soke - Di)